The New Cookbook

This is a cookbook. It is also a book full of shit, but it is essentially on taste and the edible. The gastronomic topic is coprophagy, the consumption of feces. Yet, like all cookbooks, it is a tease. Its ambition is to appetize you to the ultimate dish, the definitive combination of taste, looks and extraordinary perceptions. Close your eyes, and imagine tasting, smelling, seeing a dish so pleasant, so insatiately and insanely good that it leaves you drooling with the desire to lick, suck, eat, devour it. You are simply driven to be hungry. A good cookbook is a portal to pleasures. It describes every dish so special and rich, yet in a manner so precise and clear, that it is user-friendly to every chef and any home cook alike.

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Food is no easy issue. It has caused the rise – and fall – of empires, it has inspired sharing and caring, and it nurtures us and makes us feel good, safe, at home. Human life is centered on food. It is the backbone of our life and culture, and yet so problematic. Food and eating is a maze full of the wildest beliefs, strangest tastes and weirdest advices. A rising phenomenon is Orthorexia – we are getting so occupied by eating healthy that we don’t. Why? Food causes conduct beyond the act of feeding. Our food and eating habits discloses more about us than we like to think. Coprophilia, or the sexual excitement attached to the use of feces is one. It might not be that common, but food and sex is certainly no unusual combination.

The inspiration of this book came from an anorexic friend obsessed with cookbooks. Anorexics are often gripped with recipes and cooking advanced meals that they never actually eat. As a former nurse I impulsively want to provide a cookbook that actually make anorexics mouth-watering and inspire eating. If the ordinary kind of cookbook does not do so, then what kind? If anorexia with all its abstentions and hypercontrol can be understood as an inversion of ordinary ways of obtaining nutrition, why not start in the other end, the anus? I call this the inverse methodology: if ordinary approaches to a problem does not function, then try the radically opposite. If anorexic feel ashamed, guilty, and defiant by normal feeding, then look in the other direction. What negative presentation, or which other end of the scale could then appear attractive? Going to the end of the digestive system was then quite obvious – and so gave birth to the idea of this scatological cookbook. Time to restore the obvious, but not much talked about, relation between the mouth and the anus. Cooking and shit? Why not? Why is our society so shit scared? So anally retentive? After all each one of us produces about a kilo of it every day. Why then is shit so disconcerting? The common lack of proper attention to shit and eating is a reason by itself to aesthetically investigate scatology and coprophagy.
All cookbooks are about good taste and how to tease your taste buds. And how food should be consumed by our soma, our living, sentient body. Therefore this book is about aesthetics and the embodied experience of the soma – and how we in a pragmatic and open way relate to the world around us.

Understanding anorexia is a main motivation behind publishing this cookbook. If the anorexic desires to look at a cookbook, yet finds revulsion in all its dishes, what cookbook would evoke a similar reactions in ‘normal’ eaters? Many readers will find their experience from reading The New Cookbook to mimic what the anorexic feel when reading ordinary cookbooks. Within these pages lies therefore one of the vital answers as to how to understand the phenomenon of eating disorders. It is for the personal and public good.

All texts and images of this book are from open scatology forums and pages on the Internet. The New Cookbook is made out of passion by people who openly share their pleasures. This book is therefore also dedicated to them and their art that lingers in the belly of civilization. Epicurean pleasures can be found anywhere, even right below your seat.

Bon Appetite!


Bergljot Stahl

is a norwegian born, transgendered artist educated in Germany. Her artistic interest is on identity shaping technologies and experimental expressions. She has exhibited internationally for many years.

Her early works were a mix of dystopic romanticism and spiritualism, much in the style of Hilma af Klint. One of her recent works is the S.C.U.M. gun project: a freely downloadable 3D printable gun as a monument to Valerie Solanas, see

Currently her artistic expressions are influenced by high tech and life sciences. Upcoming works deal with emerging technologies within bio art, developing performative biology using modified, artificial organisms.


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